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Primavera 90 Cello Outfit

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Size: Full Size

ntroducing "Your First Cello": An affordable instrument designed for the educational market. The Primavera 90 stands out in its class as the sole instrument to feature rosewood pegs, known for their durability, ease of tuning, sustained tuning, and longer-lasting shape.

This cello is meticulously designed as a practical package tailored for novice students, offering a commendable level of quality at an economical price point. It is a purpose-designed instrument crafted for educational purposes, backed by the established reputation of a successful brand.

Level: Beginner/Student

Sizes: Available in 4/4 to 1/16

Bag: Includes an 11mm Primavera padded cover with pockets, backpack fittings, and reflective safety styling.

Bow: Equipped with a hardwood bow featuring a half-mounted ebony frog.

Rosin: Standard quality.

Body: Hand-carved from maple and spruce with inlaid purfling.

Bridge: Fitted with a maple bridge.

Fingerboard: Crafted from ebonized hardwood.

Pegs: Notably, it features rosewood pegs for enhanced performance and longevity

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