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Tanglewood 4-String Ukulele Banjo TWBU

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Staying true to its traditional design, the Tanglewood TWBU Banjolele doesn't just look the part; it sounds the part as well. This impressive instrument showcases a maple resonator and a Remo transparent head, working in concert to produce a crisp and classic banjo tone that resonates with the soul of the Deep South.

The Tanglewood TWBU Banjo Ukulele's maple body is further enhanced by a light tobacco sunburst satin finish, lending it a vintage charm that's as captivating as its sound.

Strung like a ukulele and bearing a similar size, but with the heart and soul of a traditional banjo, the Tanglewood TWBU Banjo Ukulele offers the familiarity of a ukulele feel combined with the vibrant and evocative sound of bluegrass banjo.

Tanglewood TWBU Banjo Ukulele Specs:

  • Type: 4 String Ukulele Banjo
  • Tuning: GCEA
  • Brackets: 12
  • Resonator: Maple
  • Sides: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Techwood
  • Bridge: Maple with Ebony Tip
  • Head: Remo Transparent
  • Finish: Light Tobacco Sunburst Satin

Experience the best of both worlds with the Tanglewood TWBU Banjo Ukulele – a timeless blend of tradition and innovation.

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