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Tanglewood EMDC5 Electro Classical

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Crafted with a solid cedar top, the EMDC5 radiates a rich, velvety warmth imbued with a delightful sweetness and a distinctive mellowness. This instrument exudes a charming and authentic tone, imbuing the Tanglewood EMDC5 with a truly classic character. In the tradition of classical guitars, this beauty also revels in the art of fingerpicking, responding with remarkable sensitivity to a gentle touch.

The EMDC5 proves to be an exceptional canvas for your creativity, inviting you to explore a wide array of techniques, from the classical and flamenco styles of yore to contemporary picking and more unconventional nylon-string approaches. It serves as the ideal platform to unlock your inner fingerpicking virtuoso, allowing your musical artistry to flourish.

With the EMDC5 in your hands, you can confidently exhibit your unique musical personality, encapsulating the instantly recognizable charisma that is synonymous with classical guitars. It empowers you to infuse every note with your individual style, ensuring that your musical expression shines brilliantly.

In essence, the Tanglewood EMDC5 embodies the timeless allure of classical guitars, offering you the opportunity to harness their enduring charm and versatility, while allowing your creativity to flourish and your artistic journey to reach new heights.

SHAPE Full size Classical Cutaway
TOP Solid Cedar
BACK Walnut
SIDES Walnut
ELECTRONICS Tanglewood Premium Plus
FINISH Natural Gloss
Full Specification EMDC5

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