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Tanglewood Enredo Madera Comienzo

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Size: 1/2


The Tanglewood Enredo Madera Comienzo 4/4 Classical Guitar stands out as a remarkably capable instrument, especially considering its budget-friendly price tag. It doesn't just excel as a classical guitar; it also serves as an excellent choice for beginners embarking on their musical journey. With its larger size, it's ideally suited for adult players, offering the added comfort of nylon strings that are gentle on the fingertips.

The classical body shape is not only natural but also incredibly comfortable to cradle in your arms, facilitating expressive and dynamic playing. What's more, it delivers a captivating sonic experience, characterized by deep resonance and a bright, warm high end.

The Enredo Madera Classical Comienzo guitar boasts a construction featuring Linden wood for the back and sides, paired with a spruce top that collectively produces a harmoniously balanced tone with robust projection—perfect for captivating live performances. The techwood fingerboard ensures smooth access to all frets, while the matching techwood bridge contributes to tuning stability and enhances the instrument's resonant qualities.

In summary, this guitar emanates a warm, bright sound with a punchy character that's elegantly grounded by a full-bodied swell, resulting in an exceptionally well-balanced instrument that caters to both beginners and experienced players alike.


BACK Linden
SIDES Linden
BRIDGE Techwood
STRINGS Nylon Classical
FINISH Natural Gloss

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