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Tanglewood TWM T BKPE Electro Mandolin

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  • Introducing the TWMTBKPE Teardrop Mandolin, a harmonious fusion of classic design and modern functionality. This teardrop-shaped mandolin, adorned with distinctive F holes, is crafted to deliver a rich and resonant sound, making it a captivating choice for musicians seeking a versatile instrument.

    Tuned to G, D, A, and E, the TWMTBKPE features a Linden top, back, and sides, providing a balanced tonal profile. The neck, meticulously crafted from Teak, offers a comfortable playing experience, while the fully adjustable bridge ensures precise intonation.

    With an elegant ABS Ivory binding and a sleek Chrome tailpiece, the mandolin boasts a stylish yet durable design. The 5mm ABS White Dot inlays on the fingerboard add a touch of sophistication, complementing the overall aesthetic. The scale length of 350mm enhances playability, making it well-suited for both beginners and experienced players.

    Chrome, die-cast button machine heads contribute to tuning stability, while the White Pearloid scratchplate adds a tasteful finishing touch. Equipped with a Single Coil Pickup and an EQ, this mandolin offers modern amplification options for a dynamic performance.

    Dressed in a captivating Black Gloss finish, the TWMTBKPE is both visually striking and sonically impressive. With the unique SKU TWMTBKPE, this mandolin is part of an exceptional range that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary features, making it an ideal choice for musicians exploring the timeless world of mandolins.

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