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Tanglewood Winterleaf TW5CE BS Electro-Acoustic

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Pure acoustic excellence and captivating tonal character flow effortlessly from the Tanglewood TW5EBS Winterleaf Electro Acoustic guitar. This instrument invites you to explore boundless versatility and experience a remarkable responsiveness that faithfully captures every nuance of your unique musical identity, all thanks to its solid top. But the Winterleaf offers much more. It proudly combines premium-quality Premium Plus electronics, renowned Elixir strings, Black Shadow style, and the extraordinary ability to mature sonically over time. A truly sublime combination.

Crafted with a solid spruce top and a mahogany body, this guitar imparts upon you the unmistakable sonic richness of a solid top. Dynamic, crisp, articulate, and rich – these qualities only enhance with age, delivering an even more luscious tone. Upholding Tanglewood's commitment to musicians, the TW5EBS ensures not only the preservation of your tone but also an exceptional playing experience. It provides an incredibly playable dreadnought body resonating with lushness, complemented by seamless access to the upper frets. This setup allows your unique musical character to shine brightly with each performance. Moreover, with the incorporation of Premium Plus electronics, you possess the means to showcase your talents and the Winterleaf's stunning aesthetics in any live setting. It's an open invitation to let your creativity flourish, making every performance a captivating experience.

SHAPE Dreadnought Cutaway
TOP Solid Mahogany
BACK Mahogany
SIDES Mahogany
BRIDGE Techwood
STRINGS Elixir Nanoweb 12-53
ELECTRONICS Tanglewood Premium Plus
FINISH Black Shadow Gloss
Full Specification TW5EBS

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