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Trevor James 10XP Flute Outfit

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Introducing the Trevor James 10XP Flute Outfit, a remarkable instrument with a straight head featuring a 'Free-Blowing' Shaped Lip Plate and Riser crafted from premium '925' Silver. This is not just any student flute; it's the best choice for beginners or those returning to the instrument.

Recent improvements have elevated the 10XP, introducing premium features that were previously exclusive to Trevor James' 'Privilege,' 'Chanson,' and 'Virtuoso' step-up and professional flute models. The standout upgrade is the incorporation of French-style pointed key arms, setting it apart from other student flutes.

The 10XP maintains its reputation as a free-blowing and high-quality silver-plated flute, distinguished by the presence of a 925 silver lip plate and riser. What sets it apart is the introduction of a pointed key arm mechanism in place of the traditional 'Y' arms, further enhancing its playability.

To top it off, the flute proudly displays the mark '10XE,' a symbol of its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Elevate your musical journey with the Trevor James 10XP Flute Outfit.

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