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Trevor James 'The Horn' Alto Saxophone Outfit

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Initially designed and conceived in 1993, our aim with the original 'Horn' saxophone was to manufacture a new range of saxes to fit into the distinctive, reasonably priced student saxophone category without compromising quality.

Presenting an instrument thoughtfully designed for students, the features of this musical companion are curated for smooth and effortless playability. With smooth, fluent action, it enables students to navigate the instrument with ease. The "free-blowing" design supports uninterrupted airflow while playing, which is particularly essential for student players.

Comfort is a priority with plastic upper and adjustable metal lower thumb rests, ensuring a snug fit for your hand. The inclusion of blue steel needle springs offers a seamless and responsive action. Plastic touch pieces and leather pads add to the tactile experience.

Metal reflectors enrich the instrument's tonal qualities, providing a clear and bright response, while the floral engraving on the bell adds a touch of elegance.

The package includes a TJ Plastic Mouthpiece, an excellent choice for beginners, and a metal 2-screw ligature to secure the reed tightly to the mouthpiece. It comes complete with a cap.

Accessories provided with the instrument include reeds, a comfortable neck sling, and a polishing cloth. The rectangular padded deluxe case features backpack straps, a side pocket, and a side strap for convenient and secure transportation. This well-rounded offering caters to the needs and comfort of student players, setting them on a harmonious musical journey.

Launched at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 1994, the 'Horn' saxophones quickly became popular around World with its ease of sound production, excellent build quality and an affordable price tag.

We understand the importance of the Trevor James 'Horn' Classic models of 2012 staying faithful to the design objectives of the original 'Horn' (1993), demonstrating perfectly, that with dedicated research and design, quality is affordable!

Free blowing
Updated crook design
High quality Pisoni pads with metal reflectors
High quality mouthpiece
High quality neck strap
Ligature and cap
Vandoren reed
Lightweight contoured carry case with backpack straps
Ideal for the new player

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