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Yamaha GNS-MS01 Speaker System for Genos Workstation Keyboard

by Yamaha
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Immerse yourself in a rich audio experience tailored for the Genos Workstation Keyboard with this purpose-built 2.1 Speaker System. Specifically designed to complement the Genos, this speaker ensemble ensures optimal sound quality, delivering a well-balanced auditory backdrop for your musical endeavors.

The system's 2.1 configuration provides a comprehensive audio spectrum, allowing you to appreciate the full range of tones produced by your Genos Keyboard. Additionally, the inclusion of mounting points ensures a seamless integration with the Genos, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Whether you're performing on stage or creating music in your studio, this speaker system is engineered to elevate your musical expression, providing clarity, depth, and precision to every note and chord generated by your Genos Workstation Keyboard. Immerse yourself in the full sonic potential of your instrument with this purpose-designed 2.1 Speaker System.

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